About Us

A Message from the Developer

I feel that there is a lack of transparency and integrity in many new projects that are launching. We aim to solve this through honesty and transparency. We are a strong group of people who are tired of pump and dumps and scams! Recently we invested in a couple projects that ended up rug pulling us. Other projects I personally bought pumped for a few days then died just like that. The developers just went on and made a new project leaving the small guys holding the bag. NO MORE!! We decided to create something that everyone can benefit from. Our goal is for everyone to profit while earning passive income. Join us on Telegram and become part of the BitBack family. Our vision is for a community driven project! Hope to see you on the moon!!

"If you cant hold, you wont be rich"  

- Changpeng Zhao

We will be looking for more team members as we grow. Anyone interested please send an email with your skills and experiences you may have to help our project grow. This can be anything from website design,  arts design and coding.